The Cheyenne Indians: Its Records and you will Ways Existence

The Cheyenne Indians: Its Records and you will Ways Existence

(a) It would be unlawful to break towards the of the people push after all and type in one fashion people dwelling, building, work environment, room, flat, tenement, shop, factory, store, mill, barn, stable, driveway, tent, motorboat, railroad vehicles, plane, automobile trailer or semitrailer, cellular house, trunk, cabinet, box, coin-operated servers, otherwise comparable construction, object, or unit of another versus concur toward intention so you can:

(a) They will likely be illegal having, discover, pick, otherwise cover any personal possessions that has been taken or otherwise taken from their real proprietor inside the pass for the Term with new purpose to help you deprive the real owner thereof.

(b) Researching taken assets might be punishable by an excellent not surpassing Four Thousand Bucks ($5,). or because of the imprisonment on the Tribal jail to possess a term perhaps not surpassing 12 months, or both.

(c) In case your worth of the house exceeds That Thousand Dollars ($step one,), a sentence away from banishment having a period of time not surpassing a decade is generally implemented plus the discipline authorized more than.

(a) They are going to be illegal so you’re able to falsify, damage, get rid of, otherwise conceal any creating otherwise listing, for the intent to help you cheat otherwise injure some one or perhaps to cover any incorrect performing.

(b) Tampering which have suggestions shall be punishable from the a superb perhaps not exceeding Four Thousand Bucks ($5,), or of the imprisonment throughout the Tribal jail to own a term maybe not surpassing 1 year, otherwise from the both okay and you can imprisonment, or because of the a sentence from banishment getting a time not less than simply 12 months nor exceeding 5 years, otherwise any mixture of the above mentioned punishments. Abreast of the next conviction to possess tampering having details, a phrase out of banishment to have a period for around five decades neither surpassing ten years is implemented and the new abuse registered over.

(a) They shall be unlawful to help you intentionally give financial support or create finance at a level of great interest highest your after the:

(1) In case your total that your desire applies try lower than One hundred Cash ($) and/or time of the financing otherwise financial support try less than 1 year, or each other, the interest rate should not meet or exceed a beneficial 24% per annum easy interest.

(2) In the event the amount to that desire applies is actually more than One hundred Bucks or even the time of the loan otherwise investment was greater than one year, otherwise each other, the rate of interest will maybe not go beyond an enthusiastic 18% per annum simple interest rate.

(b) Verbal or authored assault might be punishable of the an excellent perhaps not to meet or exceed Five Thousand Cash ($5,), otherwise from the a phrase away from imprisonment on the Tribal prison not to help you exceed 1 year, or each other.

(1) Capture, bring in, conceal, otherwise detain a child beneath the age of 16 of their mother or father, guardian or other legitimate custodian, knowing he’s zero right to do so, and you will

(i) into purpose to hang the little one to possess several months considerably extended you to any visitation or child custody period previously awarded by a legal off competent legislation; or

(b) Deflect sexual intercourse would be punishable because of the a fine not to surpass Five Thousand Bucks ($5,), or because of the an excellent tern out-of imprisonment about Tribal prison perhaps not so you’re able to go beyond 12 months, otherwise one another.

(a) They might be illegal to ask to have, provide, or undertake anything, goods, right in action, assets, topic of value otherwise virtue, establish or potential, otherwise one promise or starting, provided having an unlawful otherwise corrupt intention to influence unlawfully the brand new person to whom it’s provided.

(b) Bribery will likely be punishable by the an excellent to not go beyond Four Thousand Cash ($5,); or by a phrase regarding imprisonment from the Tribal prison maybe not so you’re able to surpass one year, otherwise of the banishment for not less than five years neither a whole lot more than simply 10 years; otherwise people mix of the aforementioned licensed punishments. Getting another or further belief not as much as this section, banishment may be imposed to have not less than 10 years nor more than lives.

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(a) They shall be unlawful when acting or purporting to behave when you look at the a proper ability otherwise taking advantage of such as genuine bana Hint karД±sД± bul otherwise purported strength, having training one such as for example carry out try illegal, to:

(1) Topic yet another so you can stop, detention, browse, seizure, mistreatment, dispossession, investigations, lien and other violation otherwise personal or property legal rights; or;

(2) Deliberately do a false impression into the an authored app for work with by the omitting guidance had a need to stop statements therein out-of being misleading; or

(3) Submit otherwise invite reliance upon people creating which he knows to be forged, changed otherwise lacking in authenticity; otherwise

(4) Complete or ask dependence on people try, sample, chart, edge mark, or any other object which he knows become untrue; with a purpose to help you misguide a community slave in creating his official mode.

(b) Tampering which have Public information should be punishable by the a fine maybe not to go beyond Four Thousand Dollars ($5,); otherwise from the a term out-of imprisonment regarding Tribal prison maybe not so you can go beyond 1 year; otherwise by banishment to possess no less than 5 years neither a whole lot more than just ten years; otherwise each other mix of the aforementioned registered punishments. To own another or next belief under it part, banishment are imposed having for around 10 years perhaps not more existence.

(a) They are illegal to provide anyone in formal detention which have alcohol, drugs, guns, implements away from refrain, or any other procedure otherwise compound that the actor knows are inappropriate or unlawful on the detainee to have.

Grinnell, George Bird (1923)

(b) Bringing contraband is punishable of the an excellent not to surpass 2 hundred $ 50 ($), or by a phrase out-of imprisonment throughout the Tribal prison maybe not so you’re able to surpass three months, or one another.

(b) Assisting come back regarding banished individuals are going to be punishable by the an excellent of five Thousand Bucks ($5,) and by imprisonment throughout the Tribal jail getting a phrase not surpassing 1 year, and also by banishment getting a period of time perhaps not more than you to-half of the word which this new came back individual are banished.

(a) It might be unlawful, are a public servant, along with the intent so you can materially work for themselves or other otherwise so you can spoil another type of, to:

(1) Consciously to go a keen unauthorized operate and therefore purports as a work regarding their office, otherwise knowingly refrains of carrying out a low- discretionary obligation enforced for the him for legal reasons, otherwise

(2) Realizing that certified action is considered or even in dependence on recommendations that he has obtained of the advantage of his workplace otherwise away from another social slave, and that advice was not produced public, he:

(i) acquires otherwise divests himself from an invaluable need for any possessions, transaction, otherwise organization that is certainly impacted by eg step or pointers; otherwise

(ii) speculates or bets on such basis as instance action or suggestions, otherwise knowingly aid a unique to-do the foregoing.

(c) Crazy perform is punishable by the an excellent to not ever go beyond 2 hundred Fifty dollars ($) otherwise by the an expression regarding imprisonment about Tribal prison not to help you meet or exceed 3 months, or each other.

(c) Someone who disseminates otherwise and has now lewd situation throughout the course regarding his business is assumed to do this consciously otherwise recklessly.

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